13 March 2007

We Belong to Something Bigger than Ourselves: The Free Beer Movement

Once upon a time, some red-blooded American was thinking about soccer when suddenly the skies parted, thunder clapped, and he was struck in the head by an errant Chris Albright shot. In that moment there was something of an epiphany, and he saw how to market soccer far more effectively than any TV ad or cross-promotion with a European league. Later, when the throbbing in his head subsided, he wrote down his thoughts on piece of parchment. This parchment was faithfully transcribed in illuminated manuscripts by inebriated monks, and was finally writ verbatim on the internet.

Sadly, that man is no longer with us. No, he's not dead, it's just that he's had to move to some piddly country in Europe (Hint: Stella Artois) in order to be a good and upstanding husband.

Last year The DCenters launched Operation: Deflower! as part of our attempt to keep Free Beer, as they say, afloat. There have been calls for a sequel of some sort, and we agree. Last year we saw wonderful participants in Salt Lake, Minnesota, New York, and DC. That's nice, but I feel we can do better. The question is, what? I ask for your thoughts and suggestions.

If you have any ideas on what we can do to continue the legacy of the Free Beer Movement, then please tell us. We'll repost some of your suggestions and see if we can get something rolling here. And remember... FORZA SUDS!

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At 14 March, 2007 08:02, Anonymous matt w said...

I'm bringing four people (two of them soccer virgins) to the Nest tomorrow night. We'll be at the tailgate beforehand, and then I'm buying first round on the way to our seats.

By the way, would it kill RFK to add a Guinness stand next to the merch table behind the Barra/SE's?

At 14 March, 2007 14:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Viva Operation Deflower!!
As an addition: Convert the Euroskeptic (not very politic to say snob) The next time a Eurofan talks about going to a pub at 9:30 on a beautiful Saturday morning to watch a EPL game, invite him or her to see an MLS game live. Use the game to teach about the nuances and dramas of MLS... and free beer, lots of free beer.


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