22 March 2007

Midweek orientation

"32"1 LIFTOFF: Okay, so, I had RSVPed to the Boswell party, but felt like crap when I left work. So I missed it. I know, that is bad fan behavior, but there you have it. However, others did make it to celebrate the launch of BobbyBoswell.Com, and I salute them. Charles Boehm on the launch of the website with Bobby. The Far Post, of course, has pictures. Ian Penderleith was there and decided to play grandpa to all those young people with their rock and roll and clothing and whatnot. So was Nats fan Miss Chatter, whom we have had the pleasure of hanging out with from time to time, so kudos to all of you. Now, we may have to throw down when Bobby gets around to announcing the skills challenge. Oh yes.

TRAINING FOR CHIVAS: MLSNet lackey Dave Lifton on how United hopes to have learned from their previous match. And Steve Goff on young Fulham reservist now United winger Yinka Cassal.

STADIUM OPINION WATCH: The Washington Times once again rumbles vaguely about the DC United stadium deal:

City financing for the $700 million-plus Anacostia waterfront stadium for the Washington Nationals baseball team is much more egregious than Mr. Pollin's request. The same may also prove true of the city's planned giveaway of 110 acres of Poplar Point to build a soccer stadium for D.C. United.
"May also?" Weren't you guys trashing the deal two months ago without having seen it, and now you're pretending to have an open mind? I think we all see a charade of consideration when it is being set up. Of course, if you are actually withholding judgment and know you were a bit rash before, perhaps you should admit that.

CHRISTIAN GOMEZ IS YOUR MVP. MINE TOO. Climbing the Ladder does the world a service with a Christian Gomez goal compilation.

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At 22 March, 2007 10:28, Blogger MissChatter said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well! I full expected to run into you there.

At 22 March, 2007 18:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geeze, there has not been enough idle speculation on here for at least a few hours. Tell ya what, from your link to the Bobbyboswell.com launch party, let's take a leap of logic that since Budweiser Select sponsored Bobby's party, and Citi (bank) is rumored to become the big new uniform sponsor for this next season's Galaxy (leaving Budweiser off), then without a shadow of a doubt, Budweiser Select will now be the new sponsor for the DC United Uniforms... Need more proof, just look at the colors: Red and Black... Remember, you heard it here first...!

At 22 March, 2007 21:57, Blogger Kinney said...

We will definately remember if this comes to pass and will be sure to credit anonymous. :)

At 22 March, 2007 23:43, Anonymous Dave Lifton said...

If you think I'm a lackey now, wait 'til you read tomorrow's piece...


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