01 June 2007

Match Briefing for 12.08: At LA Galaxy

Match #: 12.07

Los Angeles Galaxy
5pts, 7GF, 8GA, -1 GD
5th place Western Conference
12th place MLS

Six Word Novel Preview: Missing: Albright, Martino, Kirk, Jazic, Carroll?

TV: FSC 10:30 PM

Radio: WMET 1160AM

Previous Meeting: First meeting of season

The Stakes: LA needs something to rally the faithful, and a win against DC would do it. DC needs a win to make any sort of the claim that they're other than mediocre right now. While it seems odd to talk about "trap games" when DC hasn't proved much yet (and make no mistake: Wins over Chivas, Toronto, and Houston do not constitute making a statement) this game could be one. The Red Bulls come to town in a week, marking a significant match-up, and LA looks week. Still, Frank Yallop is under fire for not putting out a team with passion and tactical execution, and given his injury situation I can see him trying to pull out everything against DC.

A loss for either team hurts, and a win means more to LA than DC right now. The stakes are higher than you might think.

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The DCenter Team's Location: Oscar - On Travel. Kinney/D - Arlington: Babylon Futbol Cafe

Expectations: I fully expect that the Galaxy will look to find a way to win, and that will mean attempting the narrow the field as much as possible for United. If Gomez can continue to RUN the attack and not BE the attack, then United should look for picking up all three points. However, if this game bogs down in the midfield, then a draw would seem to be in the cards, which both teams would probably accept with less reluctance than they'd say. I also expect that allowing at least one goal in every game is annoying Soehn, so defensive play will no doubt be emphasized against Donovan, Quaranta, and anyone else LA throws up top. Personally, I want the win, but LA scoring against the run of play and making life difficult for United is not out of the question.

If United is to be a team to be taken seriously this year, they should win this game.

What to look for?
  • I look for Fred to get into this game in a much more significant way than any other to date.
  • Steve Goff has indicated that Brian Carroll may be out. I'd like to see Moose on the Wing, and Simms at Right Back is an interesting option that he's discussing. I also expect to see Ben Olsen take a yellow for a professional foul in order to stop Donovan from breaking through on the keeper. That's his job.
  • Emilio Luciano to be involved in this game. If he's creating chances and space, then the right momentum can be created to push forward the next few weeks.
  • United should be able to attack the flanks of the LA backline if LA isn't packing 10 men behind the ball. Of course, that could be an option for at least part of the game. Yallop should be able to experiment with changing gears, playing different games and different times in the match.

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At 01 June, 2007 14:48, Blogger Diana said...

now i think you're switching his name to be funny....and it works

At 01 June, 2007 14:50, Blogger D said...

Diana: No, I just have bad muscle memory in my fingers... Sigh...

At 01 June, 2007 15:09, Blogger Jeffrey said...

I expect LA to come out with both guns blazing in this game. They're at home, they're desperate for a win, and they're about to lose Donovan to the Gold Cup...the time for them is now. Given that urgency, as well as the fragility and unfamiliarity of the DC back line (I'm expecting to see Goff's hypothesized Simms-Erpen-Boswell-Namoff back four), this seems like a perfect game to sit back and counter. Don't let Donovan get into open space, and don't let him get behind the defense. Simms and a the right-footed Namoff aren't going to be serving in many great crosses anyway, so let them stay at home. Get one on a counter or a free kick, get your first clean sheet of the year, and get the hell out of there with three points.

At 01 June, 2007 15:53, Anonymous Erik said...

anyone know how I can get text message score of this game. I am at a damn wedding tommorow

At 01 June, 2007 16:40, Blogger Kinney said...



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