14 July 2007

First Impressions - DC United 3 : 3 FC Dallas

This was so close to an impressive victory. Not just starting out, but fighting through obstacles to win. And while I'm upset with referee Tim Weyland, I am much more annoyed with the fact that no team under pretty much any conditions should be giving up 3-0 leads at the 50th minute. That's ridiculous. What's more, the center of the defense seemed to be giving way, as both Boswell and Vanney took their turns at being caught out for the goals. And even then...well... I feel like I should be more angry than I am, but the team did keep going after letting Dallas in the game, and pushed for the win.

A few things are apparent. Greg Vanney has yet to prove to be an upgrade during the run of play defensively over Facundo Erpen. Second, Toja clearly has another gear for when he needs to dig deep, and that's impressive. Third, Brian Carroll's year is not getting better, given the way Dallas was able to slice through the midfield at times.

Ah, I figured out it out. I'm not angry because I'm annoyed, tense, and sad, and somehow that's monopolozing my emotions. Going to listen to some happy music, then go to bed. Maybe that'll relax me.

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At 15 July, 2007 05:46, Blogger Charles said...

As Jaime goes, so goes United.

At 15 July, 2007 19:46, Anonymous Joanna said...

That just sucked all around. We gave up a three-goal lead and I lost my scarf. :P

At 15 July, 2007 23:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That display was revolting. This town is going to regret the Erpen trade by the end of the year.

At 16 July, 2007 09:51, Blogger michael said...

obviously, Brian Carroll is not the answer at the midfield destroyer spot. With a central defense that porous, the midfielders need to be a little more responsible. They didn't close down any space, and the central defense plays too far back on their heels anyway, due to lack of recovery speed. When the defense sags back and the midfield allows those pockets, there is no hope to slow down the opposing attack. I would consider moving somebody into Carroll's spot, perhaps Olsen, and bringing in Kpene or whoever seems to fit the bill to the right mid. This team has a puncher's chance to go along with a glass jaw, and that won't go far in the playoffs.


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