23 August 2007

C'mon... Extend that logic just a little farther... you can do it...

Keith W last night sent in a comment alerting us to a new Marc Fisher column. At first, I expected this column would utterly destroy whatever buzz I had from last night's lovely and satisfying win. Something about how Poplar Point should not be developed, and that DC United should find some existing part of town near MLK Ave and Howard Road. Instead, I find him meditating on the DC baseball stadium, and on whether it will create true economic growth for the city. Some choice quotes:

...there is nothing automatic about sparking the economic development that stadium proponents cite as the justification for public investment in a ballpark...Sports stadiums can't solve social ills. But they can serve as anchors for retail, entertainment, office and residential development that boosts a city's tax base, enlivens its streets and thereby lifts all, or at least many, boats...Other cities plopped stadiums downtown and hoped for the best. For Washington to do better, it must make certain that developers provide amenities to make the new neighborhood worth visiting and that team owners do their part to make going to a game an experience worth repeating.

Wow... if only someone would offer the city exactly such a plan as the one Fisher is describing, I bet he'd leap at the chance to endorse it.

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At 23 August, 2007 15:45, Blogger timmyc said...

Yeah, I found that interesting as well - the way that Fisher is willing to agree with the argument of a stadium as a catalyst for development when the sport is his beloved baseball but not the "unamerican" sport of soccer that we all love so much.

At 26 August, 2007 01:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marc Fisher is a guy we should all understand alot better than we do. He is true to what he knows. Baseball. I personally never grew up with the game. I grew up watching the Redskins, and United. That's what I know. It doesn't have anything to do with my patriotism. Baseball is just not my America. I'm not knocking it at all, it's been the national passtime for many many citizens of this country, just not me. So I can understand why Marc Fisher doesn't get soccer. He grew up in a different time, and he has a different view on the American sports landscape. I hope one day I can attend a Natioanals game and not be bored out of my mind, the same as I hope Marc Fisher becomes a cardholding member of the SE's.

Needless to say, I wont hold my breath...


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