22 August 2007

First Impressions - DC United 3 :1 New York Red Bulls



A good game. A game where United was the better side for the entire match, and even when we surrendered the chance against play, or fell down stupidly, or gave the ball away, the team hustled back. Yes, I know McTavish's Burch (Corrected, see comments) fell down and it led to a penalty, but the fact that the team got back quick may have saved Perkins from being the last defender and picking up a red card (especially if Richards had taken a touch toward the goal.)

There was a lot of good in this game. A lot of good. Simms is cementing that defensive midfield spot as his more and more every game. While I think Boswell might have contributed to a more settled situation on some Red Bull attacks, and Vanney at one point nearly headed a ball over Perkins in an '05 Boswell imitation, I have to admit that Tommy Soehn may have the right idea in rotating the defense, and letting 'em ride after three clean sheets. There's always going to be some chances the other team gets, the question is how many, and of what quality. The frequency of Red Bull attacks didn't seem excessive, and the quality was limited at all times by some good marking from McTavish.

You man of the match should probably be Ben Olsen. But with the perfect way of capping a game I really wanted, you man of the decade is Jaime Moreno. Debrief tomorrow.

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At 23 August, 2007 01:38, Anonymous K. Sheldon said...

Actually, it was Burch's fell that led to the penalty.. not McTavish's.

At 23 August, 2007 09:49, Anonymous keithw said...

on the stadium, Fisher's column today is revealing, in more ways than one. while he (rightly) points out that it takes more than plopping a new stadium down in a city to generate economic development, he does note that it can work. Still, burden of proof is on McFarlane & co. to put together a great plan, given that the $611 million giveaway to the Nats has poisoned the well, so to speak.

At 23 August, 2007 10:18, Anonymous Tim C. said...

I think it was Burch who fell, not McTavish.

At 23 August, 2007 10:24, Blogger Bob said...

Who can tell those two apart? I can't.

Congrats to Jaime.

Gomez did well on the second goal with that ball that was too high to kick and a bit awkward to head.

Dane Richards is fast.

At 23 August, 2007 13:23, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I agree Gomez did a great job of getting his head on that ball.

The thing I love most about that goal is just watching the impact that Jaime has just by possessing the ball inside the box. He hasn't scored in the run of play all year, yet when he collected that ball in the box, every defender moved towards him, leaving Gomez completely unmarked. Two quick passes later and we have a goal.

Those who say Jaime is too old just have to stop thinking of Jaime as a striker and appreciate the more Diablo like role that he has taken on as his phyical abilities have declined.

At 23 August, 2007 13:42, Blogger Bob said...

Jeremy - also, his control of the ball in tight quarters is amazing. He never leans or cheats, he stands straight up and can really move around and between defenders. He never looks worried that he will be dispossessed. He's so cool under pressure.


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