13 August 2007

Monday Morning Coffee

USA v. Mexico Cancelled: Steven Goff reports that US v. Mexico at Azteca is off. It is to be replaced by US v. Brazil at Chicago's Soldier Field. Quite a replacement match.

Boswell Helps ESPN Out Bobby Boswell decided to give some good advice to ESPN at practice on Friday. Some strong stuff there that many fans, myself included think is 100% correct. ESPN's MLS broadcasts are horrible and something needs to be done to fix the problem. Bobby adds to his comments in a similar but slightly less antagonistic manner on his blog.

Ted Takes SportTalk to Task: Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals was at the game on Thursday. As he was driving there he was listening to to SportsTalk 980. Apparently, he didn't like what he was hearing. He slams the Sports Reporters for their narrow minded approach to soccer. I couldn't agree more, but I wouldn't have even known about this if he hadn't blogged about it. Because really, who listens to 980?

Opening Weekend for the EPL: I don't know how many of you out there care but there were some nice matches this weekend. It was a good mix of some big upsets and some expected results. As for the Americans playing, the goalkeepers did well, the field players, not so much.

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At 13 August, 2007 10:48, Anonymous DCUinCT said...

My wife can atest to the fact that I was screaming during the game about the coverage (almost missing the goal, showing Beck's response to the goal instead of Emelio's, etc.). And how must Jaime feel? He's been a star of the league for 11 years and when there is a new toy, they don't even mention all he's contributed since the league started and how he's arguably been the best player in the leagues history.
The major advantage of Becks coming is getting to show people who are just showing up what really is the draw about the game. It may be a bit of bait and switch, but what is the league really going to offer? In DC it's the passion of the fans (what other game in the US has groups that sing and chant the WHOLE game), the hard work of the team, the winning tradition, and the excitement of the type of play that DC has to offer and the interplay of their best players. That's why people come back and what BSPN should emphasize if they want to improve the ratings over time. You need to take the oportunity of having new eyeballs and work to turn them into fans of the GAME not the Player.


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