09 August 2007

Match Briefing for 12.18: Los Angeles Galaxy

Match #: 12.18

Los Angeles Galaxy

Six Word Novel Preview: 45,000 in RFK, I can't wait.


Radio: WMET 1160AM

Previous Meeting: 0-0 Tie. Here is The DCenters Debrief.

The Stakes: Recently, LA has come to RFK and made it Home Depot Center East. In fact, I think the last time that DC United won a game against the Gals here there was no Home Depot Center. This one will be in front of a capacity crowd. This one will be for pride.

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Expectations: I expect an ugly loss because that what they have given United the past couple of years. Though, I think there is a very good chance that United step up, say "no more" and win the game. The Galaxy are a horrible team that won't make the playoffs and are probably worse than last year's Galaxy that were also a horrible team that didn't make the playoffs. However, you can't discount Landon Donovan in an MLS game. It seems DC fans are second only to Mexicans in bringing out the best in him. After bringing a bunch of friends to last year's debacle and expecting a win, I am not going to be as optimistic this time around.

What to look for?

  1. Beckham's Attire - I think it is basically assured that he won't be starting. But will he suit up and have a go for 15 or 10 minutes. Good money says no, but you never know. Frankly, I think he is a liability to the Galaxy at this point so I hope I see him on the field. That and the people that all bought tickets from me will be happier.

  2. Donovan's Desire - He is the killer. But will he have a killer instinct this game? I don't know, but it is the question of the night.

  3. No GoMo? - From the latest reports it looks like Gomez will stay out of this game and Moreno most likely won't start. I am hoping that Jamie gets in and scores a goal in front of 45,000 people, but if he is not healed enough I would rather have him healthy and scoring down the stretch. DC United needs to respond to this like it did against New England and run a tired LA into the ground.

  4. Fred - Fred could line up in three different positions tonight. I am hoping to see him in Gomez's spot if Christian can't go. That would keep the backline the same and leave Gros to run the wing, while giving us a better option in the middle of the park than Dyachenko. But where he goes will dictate the rest of the formation.
  5. United fans - Hopefully there will be lots of DC fans there and less Beckham fans. The United to Beckham fan ratio will be interesting to see. I don't really mind if they shriek for Becks, I mind that they cheer for DC. I will be bringing it loud in the 300 section tonight and am hoping some other Barra and Eagle transplants get the noise going. I have never seen a sold out soccer game at RFK, I am hoping for a loud raucous crowd.

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At 09 August, 2007 18:11, Blogger Keving said...

Vamos utd..from yer celtic mates..we hate beckham more than you!!!!!

ps have you managed to see the soccer usa show that is being shown in britain at the moment?

At 09 August, 2007 18:35, Blogger Charles said...

Black and red pride!
Moreno tiene un posse.

I am really excited about this game.

At 09 August, 2007 21:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We did ya proud KevinG, stuffed the bastards!

A few more pounds on Kpene, huh? He continues to be a highlight of United games for me even if he hasn't gotten on the board. Luciano what can I say, that goal was just sweet.

Although considering the goal that DID score it is worrying that we could have had a 0-0 game.

At 09 August, 2007 21:45, Blogger Charles said...

I think United definitely outplayed LA, but I wouldn't have been nearly as nervous at the end if they had gotten a second goal. They certainly had their chances to, sometimes they all go (i.e. @ NE) and sometimes nothing goes in. Still, they did a good job possessing and killing off the game, so it wasn't that hard on the nerves.


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