17 September 2007

Coffee for the rest week

A few notes and such, and then I have some posts I want to write during this brief moment when we're out of the constant stretch of games and can broaden our vision for a moment (before narrowing it for the final five regular season matches):

UNITED ACQUIRE MONTEIRO: The interesting thing here is the phrase "conditional pick." Typically, this means a pick that depends on the amount of playing time Monteiro will see. However, United does not have a #1 pick in the 2008 Superdraft (we traded that to Toronto to get Dyachenko back), which means that at best we traded a second round pick for someone that was drafted in the first round. More likely, the value of this pick will be between the third and fourth rounds. Now, is that a bargain? Probably not. Monteiro was a bit of a reach as a first round pick, he never made Carrick's list of the top 10 strikers, and JoeSoccerFan's analysis of the draft admired his instincts but hated his finishing. Whatever United traded for him is probably closer to his true value on draft day than the first round selection would have indicated. And that's before he's had a season's worth of evaluation with an MLS side.

That being said, both Kpene and Addlery may be made a bit nervous by this. Addlery is the most likely to be displaced: Monteiro is a bit younger and Addlery, and my impression is that Kpene has shown better in his time with the first team. The only reason that Kpene might be a bit nervous is that Guy-Roland Kpene is taking a Youth International slot which Monteiro would not.

WEEKEND RESULTS: Nice to see Chivas drop a few points against Colorado (Credit-where-it-is-due note: I-66 saw this in the cards. Still, United is playing with less than a one game margin of error in its upcoming matches (assuming Chivas wins its remaining game-in-hand on United). While I'm willing to overlook the Chicago match for now, given the number of people out for accumulated cautions, the four games after that may each have must win status in terms of the Supporter's Shield. Especially if United drops points against an improved Chicago side.

And I did watch some tivoed Women's World Cup games. Hooray for the US winning over Sweden, and all of that, but that Germany-England match was my favorite. Tense, cagey, smart soccer with some gaffs to liven things up, as well as some good end-to-end action. If MLS nil-nil draws were as enjoyable, people wouldn't worry about goal scoring so much.

NOTED: RSL blogger RSLFM visited RFK for the United-RSL tilt, and overall had favorable impressions of the match and crowd (except for a run-in with Talon.) A good read. One question: Who let her have an Eagles ticket and wear an RSL jersey? For shame, kids, for shame. (I know, it was the more tolerant 133 section... still, it seems a bit off to me).

Coming up in a bit: The big-lie told by the pointy-ball marketers, and a discussion of the strange quirk in the MLS Playoffs that punishes success.

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At 17 September, 2007 15:23, Blogger Bob said...

Abby Wamback's finish in the Sweden match was world class. A truly amazing goal.

At 17 September, 2007 15:25, Blogger Bob said...

Wambach. Oops.

At 17 September, 2007 15:26, Blogger D said...

That's true... her second goal was pure class. I enjoyed that game from a USA perspective, but I thought from a neutral perspective that the England-Germany game was wonderful.

At 17 September, 2007 15:44, Blogger Bob said...

Any comments on Erpen's red card? I don't think it deserved a call and I think it was an ugly dive, but I am just stunned that any player who is even remotely offensive-minded wouldn't try to keep his feet in that spot. I would be embarrassed to be a supporter of any team that has that player (Merlin?) on it. That guy is a joke. And to read this on BigSoccer blew my mind, "Why would the guy fight to keep his feet? He just got shoved in the back, in (or maybe just outside) the box. If he keeps his feet, he has to beat Bouna while running full speed, and maybe stumbling a bit from the shove. Any decent forward is hitting the turf."

That's disgusting.

At 17 September, 2007 16:22, Blogger D said...

Bob -- I can't fault the ref on that decision. Merlin was moving in alone on Spider, Erpen came from behind and made contact, and Merlin went down in the box. If you're going to give the penalty, you have to give the red card. The only question was if the referee thought it was a dive, and there was contact from Erpen's forearm. Weak? Sure. Could he have called it a dive and carded Merlin? Yup. But once he made the judgement he did, then it had to go the way it did go.

At 18 September, 2007 11:42, Blogger Bob said...

Give the free kick from just outside the box.

But I'm not arguing about the call - I don't really care. I just can't believe it when a striker's instinct is to go down/take a dive instead of stay on your feet at all costs and, uh, bulge the onion bag.


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