23 October 2007

5 Questions I Would Ask If I Were Connected in a Major Media Way

To Victor MacFarlane: The new posting on Poplar Point says "Unfortunately, the way in which the RFEI was drafted precluded the team from responding directly. We are not a qualified respondent." Precisely why is D.C. United not a qualified respondent? Would any of Victor MacFarlane's affiliated companies be considered a qualified respondent, or is it simply that the structures of the bid make it so that you feel that you do not wish to respond?

To Abby Wambach: Why do you think that Greg Ryan was not retained as coach of the US Women's National Team? Do you wish he had been retained? Is being nice more important than winning?

To Marc Fisher: Since it looks like the United deal at Poplar Point is dead in the water, do you think that the RFEI's criteria for proposals is a good way to handle the development at Poplar Point?

To Tom Soehn: If offered a choice between "possession soccer" and "counter-attacking soccer," which term would more adequately describe your intended game plan for the away leg against Chicago?

To Piotr Nowak: Who do you want to see advance in the playoffs, Chicago or DC?


At 23 October, 2007 15:22, Blogger I-66 said...

To Greg Ryan: Now that you're no longer the coach of the Women's National Team, you do realize that it's okay to admit that you were in way over your head and had no idea what you were doing, right?

At 24 October, 2007 10:13, Anonymous Mickey said...

Re your question to Victor MacFarlane: among the several proposal requirements is a financial component where the developer has to demonstrate certain amount of financial strength behind it's proposal (either with cash in hand, committed investors or committed lenders). DC United technically doesn't have that type of sway; however, you are right to suggest that Victor may be able to sneak into a winning proposal with a number of his affiliated relationships with the other big developers in town.

At 24 October, 2007 12:57, Anonymous BigKris said...

To Luciano Emilio: How's the leg?

To Tom Soehn: How's Emilio doing?

To Abbey Wambach: Abbey, speaking as a player, if you had the EXACT SAME injury as Emilio does right now, and Thursday was a playoff game, would you be able to play?

To Victor MacFarlane: In your ongoing feud with the city, obviously part of this is financial, and part of this is political, but my question for you is, what are the prospects that Luciano will be available on Thursday?

To Greg Ryan: Hey, any insight on what's up with Emilio's injury? What's that? Dude, of course you got fired, that's not news! Get over yourself, it's not all about you! Now seriously, you know anything about Lucigol or not?

To Mark Fisher: You know they've got some good newspaper jobs available in Columbus, right? I hear central New Jersey is nice, too. Salt Lake City even.

At 25 October, 2007 09:13, Blogger D said...

Kris: Well played.


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