19 October 2007

Emilio unoffically wins Budweiser Golden Boot

Now that the Red Bulls and JPA's regular season has ended, the only thing to keep Emilio from winning the Golden Boot is for something totally crazy to happen like Eddie Johnson or Taylor Twellman scoring 6 goals this weekend or for Maykal Galindo scoring 9 goals. If any of those guys can do that, well, they deserve the award.

I should have made myself a cheat sheet while watching the RBNY v LAG match last night. (Yes, I watched the whole thing until 1am.) It was all so confusing about what I wanted to happen. I wanted NY to win, which I usually don't. I didn't want JPA to score (OMG - how many chances did he have?) and usually I don't care. I was rooting for Joe Cannon to come up huge, which he did, but usually I enjoy seeing the LA defense melt down and put Cannon in some horrible situations. It was very stressful.