05 October 2007

First Impressions - Kansas City Wizards 1 : 1 D.C. United

If you want me to talk about the result, well, as I said, it would only be a small surprise to drop points in this match. A 1-1 draw seemed appropriate at the end of the day, for while United generated their share of chances, they also gave up several when speed overtook the backs. And yet, for all the chances that both teams had, there was something fundamentally ugly about this game. Not the play, but rather the speed and the angles and the passing... it was all a bit dull and uninteresting. Moreno may not have been effective at all times, but his insertion into the end of the match certainly made the play at times a little more aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise this was the dullest and ugliest game I've seen all season. That takes two teams to create, and both did it.

It should be said that fatigue is most definitely a factor. This team was tired. You could see it given how frequently the defense was a step slow to react. You could see it in Ben Olsen, who gives you everything he has. He just didn't have very much after about 40 minutes. I think even Emilio was a step slower tonight. We were a tired team. Kansas City was a team playing without two key players. The field was narrow, and the broadcast had the watered-down, faded colors of a 1980s TV movie. Add those things together, and you get a game that never really involved me at any level. Or maybe I'm just tired. Does anyone want to speak in defense of this match? I'm happy United didn't lose, but I'm more happy I'm don't have to watch any more of it.

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At 06 October, 2007 01:39, Anonymous Charles said...

i think if United had got the early goal when they were really pressing and dominating early on, we would be looking at a win. But the faitgue did set in and the window of opportunity closed. Although, they did put some playes together in the second half which did culminate in the tying goal. I think the result was just a bit unlucky. United definetly looked the better side, fatigue or not.

What can you do, that's the game of soccer.

The broadcast was fairly grainy and not so easy on the eyes. But you got to love the jimmy conrad jabs at Ben Olsen.

At 06 October, 2007 01:51, Anonymous Nick said...

The match was atrocious. There is no defending it. The good news is that we won't have to suffer through many more. Come playoffs, intensity will more than compensate for any fatigue or poor play as far as entertainment value goes. On a side note, its incredible to see how KC has digressed since week 1 and really the early part of the season. That KC team attacked relentlessly from all over the field. Marinelli looked like the best player in the league. EJ looked like the beast we all know and love. The rest of the attack looked fast and unpredictable. Amazing how they lost it so quickly...

At 06 October, 2007 10:09, Blogger Johnny said...

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At 06 October, 2007 10:10, Anonymous Johnny said...

You forgot to mention the Chiefs' yard lines all over the field. That didn't make it any prettier.

And Nick,
I think there is defending it. The team had played 5 games with 2 days rest in between each, Fred, Gros, and Moreno were all nursing injuris, and Steinberg says that many players were sick. Whenever you have Simms and Carroll playing as the creative forces in the midfield, you know the game is not going to be as pretty as when you have Christian, Fred, and Jaime doing it. I think it was a disappointing result, but a fair one.

(Anyone understand how Marrufo didn't call either penalty in the 2nd Half? Emilio almost had his jersey yanked off on the goal line, and then while Gomez was shielding three KC defenders, one had him in a bear hug, and eventually brought him to his knees.)

At 06 October, 2007 12:26, Blogger D said...

Charles: Very true. We get one in the net when we had the momentum (how often is it the home team weathering the opening storm at home?) this game is different. We were the better side, but we were not a dominating side, and you can tell we missed both absent players and suffered from fatigue.

Nick: I agree that the match was atrocious, but didn't you kind of at least expect something of a come down? And Charles is right: We opened up the match very well. That at least was something salvageable. But overall I agree with you, this is the last match where we see this situation.

Johnny: Well said on everything except for the penalty calls. Marrufo was correct not to call one for Gomes (who had a fistful of shorts the entire time.) The Emilio one should have been a penalty, but it usually isn't given in MLS, more's the pity.

At 06 October, 2007 19:10, Anonymous Nick said...

I was expecting a bad peformance after the Chivas loss, so I was not surprised or disappointed. I'll definitely take the point on the road. A good result for United. Just a bad soccer spectacle. Every league has those though, not just MLS. I'm content with the point and I am excited about the playoffs.

At 06 October, 2007 22:18, Anonymous DCUinCT said...

The news from the post that a big proportion of the players had a virus makes the result pretty impressive. It seemed like the game was more heart that skill and athleticism. Given that the Revs look like they might loose it makes that point even bigger.


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