02 October 2007


When Emilio one-timed the crossbar-rebound of Gomez's free kick into the back of the net on Saturday night, I almost killed myself celebrating that goal. Those steps in section 471 are steep! But also part of my celebration, which I forgot to mention in yesterday's debrief, was that I was screaming, "GOAL OF THE WEEK!" "GOAL OF THE WEEK!" Currently Emilio's goal is in second place, 39% to 43% to C. Blanco's free kick from distance. Get on mlsnet.com and vote for Emilio.

Also, I just noticed that Fred has been named Player of the Week,
"after scoring one goal and adding an assist in United's 4-1 weekend victory over Toronto FC."
Nice. Fred's goal was actually the game winner. Fred's designation as PotW this week marks the 7th time this season a DC United player has been so been named.

Emilio (3), Olsen (2), Addlery (1), Fred (1)

Update: GotW designations, by team
DC United: 7
KC Wizards: 4 (Johnson, Sealy)
Chivas USA: 4 (Razov, Galindo)
RBNY: 3 (JPA, Altidore)
Houston Dynamo: 3 (DeRo, Davis, Holden)
RSL: 1 (Cunningham)
LA Galaxy: 1 (Donovan)
FC Dallas: 1 (Toja)
New England Revolution: 1 (Twellman)
Columbus Crew: 1 (Schelotto)

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At 02 October, 2007 10:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's absurd that Burch's goal was not also nominated for Goal of the Week. And it seems a little unfair that Emilio's goal has no commentary along with it, and it is all from strange HDNet footage.

At 02 October, 2007 18:58, Blogger Rick said...

at the end, do you neam PotW designations (as opposed to GotW)?

At 18 October, 2007 14:00, Blogger Bob said...

Way late Rick, but yes, thanks.


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