11 December 2007

On the Cannon In, Perkins Out Story

Steve Goff is reporting that United may move Joe Cannon into the line up, and Troy Perkins may leave for parts unknown. Now, I personally tend to want to give the front office the benefit of the doubt on things, but unless Troy Perkins was out the door, I dislike this move. Is Cannon a better keeper than Perkins right now? Sure. Does Cannon make fewer mistakes on close free kicks than Perkins? Yup. Does Cannon have better distribution than Perkins? I'd say so. About the only thing where I think Troy has the edge is when it comes to patrolling the air on corners and crosses. Still, I'd rather have Troy Perkins. Because while Cannon is a better keeper, Perkins is the better value.

Perkins' salary impact will be in the 85-90K range, and Goff reports that Cannon will be "the highest-paid goalie in MLS next season (around $200,000)." That's a $110K difference, and if you have that kind of cap room, are you using it to marginally upgrade your keeper, or to add a quality defender, or winger, or third attacker. All of the other options seem like a better options than replace a Perkins, an above average keeper, with Cannon, an elite MLS keeper. Perkins wasn't the reason we lost many games (I can think of maybe two), unless you fault him for some disorganized defense on occasion. Our defense cost us games. Our attack becoming one dimensional cost us more games. This is, on the surface, not the move I'd like to see.

That being said, I'm evaluating this potential development in isolation. Perhaps it makes more sense when we see the full context of roster moves. But right now, I think this is a bad idea. In fact, BDR may be a perpetually worried fellow, but I agree with him that DC United could be "...over-paying for an old goalie who's no better than the underpaid goalie you already have? I understand things change, but it feels like things are changing for the wrong reasons and in the wrong directions. I don't want to root for Greenbelt Galaxy. " I would change "no better" to "marginally better" myself, but that's my only quibble. Of course, for the flip side, Brian Garrison says "I think having Joe Cannon in goal will present DC United a much better opportunity to make a stronger run at any of the 6 possible trophies that United will be up for next season." Perhaps, but I think that unless United is addressing its other shopping needs in short order, this looks like a move we don't need, and it has the potential of closing doors I'd rather remain open.

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At 11 December, 2007 12:27, Blogger James said...

Part of me makes me wonder what the deal actually is.

We can throw figures around, but the deal doesn't make any sense unless we're talking about a package (or multiple teams).

As Goff had said, "but others caution that it is a complex and sensitive situation and several details still need to be worked out."

So while Cannon and Perkins are on the forefront, we may be seeing just the tip of the iceberg on what this deal actually entails.

At 11 December, 2007 12:28, Blogger James said...

*Part of this

"Part of me" would be creepy.

At 11 December, 2007 13:40, Anonymous Mickey said...

The compensation numbers aren't to be trusted these days.

While I agree that this is not a move that many fans anticipated, Cannon is a big improvement for our defensive third (which was THE problem this year and certainly includes Perkins as a culpable party).

A commentor on Goff's thread raised a good point that should be considered with this possible trade: with Cannon organizing the defense from the goal line, the need for Vanney's veteran influence in the backline diminishes. Swapping Vanney and Perkins for Cannon improves our backline and frees-up room under the cap.

At 11 December, 2007 13:49, Anonymous Skippy said...

Goff wrote that Cannon's statistics have not reflected his excellence because of weak defenses in front of him.
Well, no matter, we all saw last year that United's defense was an iron shield. . . oh, wait.
I hope Perkins was already leaving or there is some genius masterstroke which fries my brain that is still to come. Otherwise, I don't see how United expects to get 110k of improvement by changing keepers.
Also, should this rumor be true, is that more or less proof positive that Gomez won't be returning? Since Cannon's acquisition seems so odd to me, I am hoping there is some sort of slight of hand going on that defies us all and keeps Gomez and has us marveling at United's brilliance. May I keep that dream?

At 11 December, 2007 14:03, Anonymous Skippy said...

Addendum: The more I think about this, the more I think that there is something big coming that we have not gotten wind of. Maybe I've been watching too many Oliver Stone films, but adding 110k to the payroll for anyone, let alone a keeper, when they're already trying to find 400k for Veron is beyond bizarre. We've all seen the math (thanks for showing your work; your 8th grade algebra teacher would be proud) on this site trying to make room for Veron in the salary cap. Now increase it by a fourth.
Or I'm getting carried away.

At 11 December, 2007 14:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this is Gomez to LA for Cannon. The salary exchange is a wash. Throw in Perkins and we clear some cap space. I like Troy. He is a goalie who continues to mature as he gains more experience.

At 11 December, 2007 15:51, Blogger Kinney said...

Goff is reporting that DCU did not start perusing Cannon until it got a transfer request from a Scandinavian team for Perkins. That makes a bit more sense, but I would have to know a whole lot more than I do now to actually make an informed decision.

At 12 December, 2007 09:10, Anonymous jeffrey said...

I agree, D - this only makes sense if Perkins is leaving. But, based on what Goff is reporting, that seems to be the case. So the DC front office is being pushed into this situation. What I don't know is: what kind of say does DCU have regarding whether or not to accept the offer for Perkins (which appears to be from a Norwegian club)? Do they have any control, or is it all up to the league? If DCU have control, then they wouldn't accept the offer unless they believe that accepting it will leave them better off. But if it's the league accepting the offer, then DCU might just be scrambling to make the best of a bad situation.

I don't like the way this is shaping up one bit. Yesterday it looked like we might lose Perkins and Boswell but at least gain Joe Cannon (and his salary). Now it's looking like we might lose Perkins and Boswell and gain Zach Wells. That's a downgrade at two positions - not good.

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