24 January 2008

Moreno re-signed, Gomez, not so much...

D asked for it - and now its official, Moreno re-signed with United. Press release is on mlsnet. As usual, MLS doesn't disclose the terms of the deal, but its been reported to be guaranteed for 2 more years at a lower salary. I'm personally glad that Moreno will stick aroudn two more years, he's a sentimental favorite of mine. While he's not the same player he was 12 years ago, and who is, he still made DC a smarter, more composed team.

Goff also has some juicy details on Gomez's contract saga, and its not pretty. Doesn't sound like he is happy at all with the team, and the apparent arrival of Gallardo likely means he's gone. His position is easy to understand, especially if you look around the league and see players like EJ and Ruiz earning more than the cap figure with little impact to show for it. Is an unintended consequence of the DP rule that talented, but unknown players will not stay in MLS long.


At 25 January, 2008 09:43, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Very glad to have Moreno back. His scoring impact has certainly waned, but his leadership is unparalleled and his captaincy(?) has been remarkable.

I believe that the fact that United has been such a great team since he came back in 2004 is very much a product of Moreno's efforts.

I am sad to see Gomez go. While I can see some of his points, you have to face the fact that you are only worth what the market will pay. I (and apparently most of MLS) feel that he would not have been an MVP on another team. Now he's going to go to Saudia Arabia?? Not a step up IMO.

I also think that United has benefited Gomez at least as much as the other way around. Remember when he arrived and he was lucky if he could make it 60 minutes on the pitch? He wouldn't be the player that he is now if not for the work ethic and conditioning that he picked up from people like Benny and Moreno.

At 25 January, 2008 13:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Gomez goes to Dubai he'll get his payday... but I'd rather see him shine in Colorado. They could use a team worthy of their stadium, and if he can help that happen, all the better.

Got his work cut out for him, of course. But I'd like him to retire an MLS hero, not disappear to the Middle East.

At 25 January, 2008 19:56, Blogger Shatz... said...

Selfishly... I'd rather see him go to Dubai. I really don't want to have to play against him twice a year!

At 26 January, 2008 09:59, Blogger Sean said...

I totally agree with the "unintended consequences of the DP rule" comment.

The DP rule was supposed to allow teams to bring in the "heavy hitters" of the soccer world, but what we're seeing are players who are good yet not legends saying, "Hey! I've been here the whole time! I should be your DP!"

And Front Offices are balking because guys who were willing to play for under the cap are no longer wanting to do so now that there's a /chance/ for the big payday in the US via the DP rule.

Perhaps it's just how it goes, but the result is as you say: MVP's on teams will want to be that team's DP as a reward for loyalty, but FO's will say 'no thanks' to preserve the chance to get a "real" DP.


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