18 January 2008

DCU's #24 Selection Is...Andrew Jacobson, Ryan Cordeiro was the 33rd pick, Tony Schmitz was the 52nd pick

Andrew Jacobson
With the 24th pick in the 2008 Superdraft, DC United picked Andrew Jacobson from California. Buzz had him ranked 8th out of the midfielders. Most mock drafts had him going much earlier. This is a guy that fell into United's lap. It looks like he will slot in behind Simms, which basically ensures that Arguez really is going to Berlin. Here is his bio from California. I think it is interesting that United rated Jacobson ahead of Lowry who was still on the board, hopefully we won't regretting that this time next year.

Ryan Cordeiro
With the 33rd pick in the 2008 Superdraft, DC United picked Ryan Cordeiro from UConn. He is ranked 10th in the forward group by Buzz, but will probably play a winger role for United. UConn was ranked number 1 in Soccer America's NCAA rankings for most of the year, here is Ryan's UConn bio.

Tony Schmitz
With the 52nd pick in the 2008 Superdraft, DC United picked Tony Schmitz from Creighton. Here is is Creighton bio. Buzz has him ranked all the way down as the 50th best midfielder. I don't know what United was thinking with this, I can only hope they did some extra scouting and found a player flying under the radar, not unlike Dyachenko. That of course is the best case scenario, it will probably play out more like Brad North, but drafts are all about hope so I will have some now.

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At 18 January, 2008 18:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It'll be nice to see some names in the "hello" column at least. Here's hoping these pan out.

Looks like Jaime is close to signing too. Goff talks to Soehn:

"Where he is in his career, he wanted security. It's important to him. He had some good offers out there from Mexico, the Middle East. He's an important player that goes well beyond the playing field." (emphasis mine)

Sounds like 2 years on the field and then maybe something in the office? Coaching staff?

At 18 January, 2008 19:07, Blogger Sean said...

Given that no one was exactly amazed with this year's draft pool, it seems as if we were rather smart in trading our first round.

But we'll see how it goes.


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