18 April 2008

Quick Admin Note

Freezer will be out before I go to bed tonight. Also, I'm redoing many of our links, so please welcome some new additions (Goal Scoring Robot for one), and a quick note of overdue thanks to Ben Olsen's Beard, ThroughBall and Marking the Referee, fine blogs that are now passing into the good night. The best thing for a blog isn't necessarily the best analysis, or hottest rumors, but to have a clear and enjoyable voice, and these blogs had that, which makes me sad to see them go.

That being said, there's now a ton of new blogs I need to link to, so I'll be getting to that. And, of course, there is DuNord and SoccerBlogs (hosted by proud papa Oscar), which almost between the two of them manage everything you need to know. Additionally, I need to redo the Washington Nationals Links, but a special salute to Blogger of Month Mr. Needham of the always indispensable Capitol Punishment.

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At 18 April, 2008 14:33, Blogger Sarah said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout out.


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