15 July 2008

Note to Soccer Journalist Fact Checkers

First, Moreno joined the league halfway through the 1996 season. Second, most reports stated that DC United wasn't willing to give Gomez the number of guaranteed years he was asking for. Third, thank you for not mentioning the other failed Argentines that have passed through RFK - Donnet, Filomeno, and Niell. MLS' second wave of Argentines (cont.) - Soccer America - SI.com

"I knew it wasn't going to be easy for him," says Moreno, who went through his own growing pains after arriving from English club Middlesbrough at age 23 in the middle of the 1997 season and is the league's all-time leading scorer.
While we're giving out yellow cards, one should go out to Ridge Mahoney, for getting Jon Busch's club wrong nearly halfway through the 2008 season. MLS Confidential » Blog Archive » Picking the All-Star lucky seven
But Crew keeper Busch has stopped more shots (75) than anybody else and permitted the fewest goals per game (0.93), has amazingly recovered from two major knee surgeries, and is just the kind of crazily likable guy that gives the unique madness inherent in goalkeepers a good name.



At 15 July, 2008 15:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can lay the Busch error solely on Ridge. The MLSnet player directory still has Busch headlined as being on the Crew - while still listing a hundred or so stories with him and the Fire.


At 15 July, 2008 16:51, Blogger Oscar M. said...

We can cut no such slack. If you're writing that a player should be an All-Star based on his performance for his club, you should know what club he plays for.

At 15 July, 2008 17:41, Blogger Bob said...

Oscar is right. I may have referenced mlsnet.com... but I also might have actually watched a match!


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