28 March 2009

Request for THE FUNNY

D's last post was rich with visual aids that informed and enlightened.

For me, I'd prefer a photoshopped Rodney Wallace playing that ball with a third hand coming out of his thigh. Or reaching out from inside of his shorts. Or even creepier: a Rodney Wallace covered with hands.

If anyone has the skillz, you can send it to me at rmontcal AT thegeemailz.com and I'll post it here. (Although you might need to standardize that e-mail address a bit.)

Let's hope that tonight's match isn't as wet as that one last year...


At 28 March, 2009 07:51, Anonymous BDR said...

Shatz did a Wallace photoshop:


At 28 March, 2009 17:47, Blogger Bob said...

Oh that's fantastic. Thanks BDR and Shatz.

At 29 March, 2009 09:17, Blogger Shatz... said...

Yeah, I guess I beat you to it. Two great minds with similar senses of humor think alike?


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