24 March 2009

Towards a Unified Theory of Blame

I'm thinking there should be a good way of separating one's feeling while watching a game, and figuring out the breaking point of fandom at any given moment. To that end, I will debut the "DCenters Angst-O-Graph" in the next day or so, maybe even later today depending on how things go.

The problem I am attempting to factor is this: How does one properly direct the feelings of antipathy that a moment may evoke. I bring this up to continue the discussion with the Anonymous ranter regarding the Hudson era. It's my feeling that players can probably only be held accountable for feelings within the scope of a game or two. For the players, we can only ask that they perform as well as they can. If the players aren't the right players, that is of course the fault of coaching and management. But the players aren't at fault there. Similarly, if the players screw up a play, that's the fault of a player, but not the ownership (it's the fault of a coach only if the coaching has put the player into an untenable situation.)

So my goal, ultimately, is to create a fancy graph that tells us stuff we already know. But hey, isn't that the point?

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At 24 March, 2009 10:46, Anonymous Grunthos said...

Fancy graphs that tell us stuff we already know are one of life's truly great pleasures.

At 24 March, 2009 12:40, Anonymous Jeremy said...

What could possibly be more gratifying than creating a pretty picture to rationalize a preconceived notion?

Are you running for office, D? If you haven't paid your taxes lately, you'll be a shoo in for Obama's cabinet.

At 24 March, 2009 12:43, Anonymous PotomacAveMetro said...

Can you use, as one metric to measure angst of fans, the willingness to have (or not have) any representatives of DC United on your MLS Fantasy team?

At 24 March, 2009 14:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds kind of cool. Speaking of cool...will you bring back the Freezer?


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