28 October 2005


This time last week we all about the tension that accompanies the start of the playoffs. The Freddy Frenzy only added to a week that was naturally going to be on-edge. The games during the weekend reflected that. All of them were tense affairs, and when goals came in the San Jose - LA match, it was only natural that things would get chippy.

This week has been different. A change of tempo, as fans try to get their inner thoughts to match their outward bravado...

...In New Jersey they great each other with smiles, "We've won a playoff game. Finally!" But does it really count if we don't finish the job at New England?
...The Quakes' fans shrug off the 3-1 hole they find themselves in. "We've come back from worse, we'll do it again." But the weight of cliched wisdom says lightening never strikes twice.
...in Denver the nil-nil draw is shrugged off: "We'll just have to win at Pizza Hut Park twice" But Cunningham was on the bench for 70, it's near Halloween, and their keeper is named Garlick...
...Chicago relaxes in the glow of a baseball championship, an easy swagger that infectious. "It's our year, the stars are aligned" Or did we miss our chance when Brian Hall blew the whistle?
...Dallas has plenty of reason to laugh. "We could have three games in a row at home!" Except we only managed two shots on goal.
...The Revolution fans are stahving for a title. "1-nil is nothing, we're back at our house. The Metros are doomed to failure" It's not like a 4 seed taking out a 1 seed is unheard of...
...Los Angeles also can smell upset. "Two goals, DDR looked hurt, we've got to put them away." Because if we don't we're going to be known as the choking dogs of MLS.
...And in the Nation's Capital, it has rained most of the week. The sun appears today. Ben Olsen is doing radio interviews. The Freddy Sage is over. One game, the teams even, and everything on the line. Just the way they want it. The players seem composed now, in a way they didn't a week ago. But is there a voice of doubt heard here? Yes, of course there is... Is it appropriate to be drinking three beers before 4 PM on a Sunday? Especially while people are running the Marine Corps Marathon? Wait, of course it's okay, the Lord above is probably popping one open right now and putting on his Etch jersey.... whew, moments of existential doubt suck.

Speaking of all this, has anyone ever seen the Sam Beckett play "Breath"? I'm pretty sure it's a commentary on the Metros playoff record.


At 28 October, 2005 13:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually think the Revs are in deep doo-doo. I think the Metros will play all out, score some counterattacking goals and win.

San Jose will come back against the Galaxy, who, I'll remind you, are coached by Steve Sampson. 'Nuff said.

At 28 October, 2005 13:23, Blogger D said...

You could well be right. I hope you are.

At 28 October, 2005 15:11, Blogger Eric PZ said...

Great post D. Thanks.

At 28 October, 2005 16:20, Blogger Mr. Fish said...

After all the trials and tribulations that the Metro have had this year. I think as long as the team shows a good effort tomorrow night, a win isn't necessary. I'm not saying that out of fear of playing at RFK, but in my mind Mo has already earned a contract for next year, and I don't think the Metro have it in 'em to go all the way.


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