29 October 2005

Cram Session

Yes, I know, we're all waiting to get to RFK tomorrow. But here's some final reading. First, while I was mildly amused at papers in Hawii and Illinois just chiming in on the Freddy saga, let's go a little father afield and check out what The Asian Age says on Freddy.

Then, to lift the mood up, check in with La Bicicletta over at the Washington Times, where John Haydon catches up with the newest Argie to set hearts aflutter. And, check out this gem for all the MLS-haters in the world: "In Argentina, he said he had more time on the ball and there were more 'pauses' in the game. 'From the outside, the game here looks easy, but it's very fast-paced,' Erpen said. " Well, at least people can still hate on the playoff system. But don't do it around Facundo, as we learned he's studied karate and kung-fu.

Both the Times and the Post are reporting that Mr. Armas will be out tomorrow. Fine with me.

Oh, and predictions? I expect this game to be electric. If I have a worry, it's that the crowd and team may by too juiced up by the atmo in the stadium tomorrow. So play with discipline for the first 10 minutes, don't give up and counters, and then start tightening the screws on Chicago. 3-1 and DC advances to take on... could it be New Jersey?