25 October 2005

Get Your Homework Done Before Wednesday

UPDATE (late Tuesday): Mr. Goff is worried about scoring. That should be something other than Freddy-fodder for the chat.

Steve Goff will be chatting at noon Wednesday. Anyone want to guess what the topic of discussion might be?

Note: If someone manages to get a question tying all of the following points together, I will buy you beer:
  1. Freddy's Suspension
  2. Piotr to Chicago
  3. Alecko Eskandarian's comeback
  4. Brian Hall's Whistle
  5. Damien Duff's participation in the Davos Summit.
  6. Avian Bird Flu
  7. The UN Report of Syria's meddling about in Lebanon


At 24 October, 2005 15:49, Blogger D said...

You never really know with him. We'll see. But I do imagine he'll take some comments from the both the pro and anti Nowak sides.

At 25 October, 2005 10:15, Blogger Mr. Fish said...

Have to say, I've found a lot of Goff's answers to be of the "Your guess is as good as mine" variety. I'll take a look at the chat, but he rarely has anything new to offer fans who are craving an "insider's" view of MLS & US Soccer.

At 25 October, 2005 11:40, Blogger D said...

To be fair, he owned the Freddy story from start to end. Just owned it.


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