25 October 2005

Tuesday's Grey (And Probably Wednesday Too)

NOTE: Blogger swallowed part of this post last time, so this is the complete post.

DC United announced their end of year awards, and they evidently wanted to make people who were the runners up for the DCenters awards feel better as Nick Rimando took best defender and Christian Gomez took MVP. Bobby Boswell took best rookie and the humanitarian award. Mr. Adu, if you are looking for inspiration on how a young player can come into the league, struggle to get playing time, and still make a case to become a fan favorite, Mr. Boswell has some advice for you.

The weather here is awful. As it was last week. I've been told that there has been work done on the pitch to repair the ridiculous conditions of the Columbus game, but no one is sure how will it'll hold up come Sunday. That being said, at least something was done.

Looking forward to a [hopefully] quiet day.