04 November 2005

Life During Exile

Not to do Kali's job for her, but DCU-alum and RSL icon Eddie Pope will have a chat with folks on Monday over at ESPN. And DCU-alum and still in the playoffs defender Mike Petke, who once graced the subtitle of this particular site on the internet, checks in with an entry at CNN/SI. I miss him, but he doesn't miss us much:

Over the past two years, I've found myself thinking more and more about retiring. Maybe it was the monotony of the season or the way it becomes more of a business than a sport. This is strange because I'm only 29.

Coming to Colorado, however, has rejuvenated me in a way that I would never have imagined. For all the things that have drove me crazy since I arrived here, there are
twice as many things that have energized me.

Huh. Two years, eh? Wonder what that could refer to?


At 07 November, 2005 09:27, Blogger Lowecifer said...

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At 07 November, 2005 09:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the fresh air?


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