10 November 2005

Putting on a Clinic

So, let's see, Twellman is the MVP over Moreno. Fine. Keep jobbing Moreno, it only makes him angrier...

Your DC United and MLS quick links start with the Washington Post, which shows has DCU has taken its youth and outreach programs and made them a tool for stadium development. A cute story that's worth reading. Favorite quote:

"I don't know about this game. You don't stop! Ever! How about stopping?" complained Takia Thomas, 10, after heading for the sidelines, gasping for breath. "How come they keep running?"

Santino Quaranta is a nice young man. If you know him, your resturaunt will do well. I think.

Finally, I imagine people are going to want to lay into this guy. Have at him. He's Tony Kornheiser without the sense of humor, Jim Rome without the passion. It's not even that what he says is necessarily wrong, but that he manages to say it in the most insulting, yet unclever, way possible. At least Rome tries to be cute about things.


At 10 November, 2005 10:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The note I sent to Scott Soshnick: I never heard of you before your artless and ignorant column about Major League Soccer and I won't read you ever again. So between you as a columnist and MLS as a league, MLS wins.

At 10 November, 2005 11:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That butthead wrote:
"In other parts of the world, fans take soccer so seriously that it sometimes leads to violence. American interest ends at the final whistle."

So he blames America, then blames the MLS, or is it Christian Gomez? He's not quite sure.

The column is a useless, uninformed commentary and the 'someimes leads to violence' part is a dead giveaway that the writer is taking on a subject he knows nothing about. It's about as valuable as saying football 'sometimes leads to exhiliration when your team wins.'

At 10 November, 2005 12:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not clear either what he wants MLS to apologize for... Its a new league that so far has exhibited smart management. Sports tastes change. In 1950 horse racing, boxing and baseball were the big three. Before the 80s, the NBA was marginal. With more smart management, world cup success, SSS, well-named and placed teams I can see MLS start to really thrive. In 10 years I can see it eclipsing the gasping NHL to be the fourth sport after the big three.

At 10 November, 2005 15:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best just to ignore that guy. He's got nothing to offer.

I must be one of the few soccer fans who actually likes both Kornheiser and Rome. I just wish they knew half as much about soccer as they do other sports. I don't take the hating too personally, they're more entertainers than anything.

At 10 November, 2005 21:06, Blogger Scott said...

I'll have to admit that Rome has made me laugh before, even when trashing soccer. Like Joe I don't take it personally.

My question for them and Mr. Sauce-nik is if soccer or MLS is such a huge failure or not improtant in this country why can't they leave it alone?


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