25 July 2006



The DCenters today announced the signing of Record as I Am star and Bolivian International Oscar Merida to its blog staff. Manager D announced the signing at the Crystal City Sports Pub in front of buffalo chicken tender-lunching government contractors this morning. "To have a writer with the talent of Oscar sign with the DCenters represents a major step forward for this blog. To our fans, I think it shows the commitment we have to covering DC United, despite occasionally hectic work schedules that were decreasing our posting frequency. Not only will he add a great voice to The DCenters, but he has the technical prowess that made his soccerblogs.net one of the key tools to understanding world-wide soccer commentary."

Appearing with D, Oscar took a few moments to discuss the signing with reporter(s) and Sports Pub wait staff, saying "I'm extremely flattered and think this move is an opportunity no one could reasonably pass up. When the Bruce Arena of DC United bloggers calls you up from obscurity, how do you refuse? I hope to be the Bobby Convey of DCenters, prowling on the wings with my arms waving in the air."

Not all seemed too thrilled with the news. LA Galaxy General Manager Alexi Lalas said that this was yet another example of the favorable treatment afforded DC United blog writers, and that he had planned for this contingency long ago. "The SuperBlog...er, Jewel of MLS blogging must be in LA." He refused to deny rumors that he was attempting to sign Glenn Reynolds, Ariana Huffington, Mickey Kaus, Kos, and the kid that writes ThinkSecret to an LA group soccer blog.

Manager D indicated that this may not be the last signing either. "As our plural title shows, The DCenters was always meant to be a group blog. If there are DC fans out there interested in joining us, we'd be happy to offer them a trial. We can offer a built-in readership, a chance to hone your skills without the pressure of having to carry a blog by yourself, and a friendly environment. Interested writers who might be interested in doing at least a post a week should email us at TheDCenters AT Gmail DOT Com. We'll get in touch and see if we can work something out with you."


At 25 July, 2006 12:05, Blogger Brian said...

Nice to see that you are getting more voices into the site. Soon this will become the Washington Post of DC United.

At 25 July, 2006 15:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is awesome news.

At 26 July, 2006 20:42, Blogger scaryice said...

"immediate release?" lol


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