15 December 2006


So I've been running some numbers on the SuperDraft/College Draft since 1999, and I've got some really interesting data that says that DC may not be so bad at drafting people after all. More on this next week.

Of course, just to give you a taste, it's a relative thing. Of the 354 picks made in the first four rounds, 112 (32%) never played an official MLS game. Ouch.

It is some interesting data...

Update: Part 1 (Methodology) is up. Part 2 (MLS Overall) is also up. Part 3 (DC United) and potentially Part 4 (some interesting notes) still pending.

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At 17 December, 2006 18:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is it called a Superdraft?

At 17 December, 2006 20:28, Blogger Kinney said...

Becaue putting Super in front of it makes it 10X cooler according to MLS marketing people. Those same people came up with Burn, Wiz, Clash etc.

Actually at the beginning it was called superdraft because there were (and technically still are) a bunch of other drafts. Supplimental draft, Waiver draft, Expansion draft (even when only one team is drafting). But the real reason is because MLS wanted to put super in front of it to make it sound better.


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