10 January 2007

MLSNet to Bloggers: Give Us Your Rantings, Yearning to Breathe Free

DCUnited.COM seems to be linking to 3rd party blogs (including us). Right now I can't tell if other teams are doing the same. Fascinating. Maybe I should watch my mouth. Anyone out there finding other teams doing this?

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At 10 January, 2007 14:58, Blogger I-66 said...

Holy $#!%

I wonder who's responsible for listing the articles on that page. I mean, if anyone of importance is somehow getting a glimpse of what the bloggers are writing, this could be huge.

At 10 January, 2007 15:07, Blogger D said...

That's a damn good question. this seems to be a new initiative that's only been running two days (I bet I would have noticed yesterday had blogger not gone down for maintenance)

Now, just because they're linking doesn't mean anyone is reading, but it is damn interesting.

At 10 January, 2007 15:21, Blogger maradawga said...

Well, it looks like their Newsstand feature which the league site has had since the new companies took it over.

Basically, some teams (I know D.C. and RSL both do this), wrap all the articles written about them daily and send it to their media contacts so media members will have a daily (or, in the offseason, twice/thrice-weekly) digest of all team/league-based stories.

It looks like the team decided one of your articles was worth reading for media members and included it in their digest/Newsstand.

At 10 January, 2007 23:19, Blogger Rich Horton said...

Its a good idea. MLS content isn't the easiest thing to find. (Or maybe I should say decent MLS content isn't easy to find.)

I've noticed major newspapers have been linking to the political blogs (I even got linked by the Times of London), so it was just a matter of time before MLS got into it.

You've been linked by the WaPo as well.

Who knows MLS might even find my new sports blog. (yeah I'm a worthless hack.)


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