07 January 2007

JoeSoccerFan's Combine Report - Day 2

Day two of JoeSoccerFan's on site Combine coverage.

Team Azteca

Christman, Adam - Forward - UVA
starting to play to my extremely low expections (i.e., parks and recs terror).

Cummings, Omar - Forward - Cincinnati

didn't see him get on the field, but I think he came off in the 2H - can't comment much since I didn't see him do anything, except sit on the bench. Sigh

Douglass, Justin - Defender - Missouri State
did ok

Guadarrama, Willy - Forward - Campell
creative just not good enough. Not as bad as yesterday

Helton, Kyle - Defender - Duke
1H didn't get involved; 2H had a lot of defending - so/so.

Krizanovi, Tommy - Forward - Jacksonville
ok in 1st; came on late in 2h no impact

LaBrocca, Nick - Midfielder - Rutgers

got beat for goal, lots of notes (mostly neg), tries to make the low percentage perfect pass, frustrating watching him play

Marfuggi, Phil - Goalkeeper - Clemson


McGrane, Justin - Midfielder - Northern Illnios

feet of stone - pass

Omekanda, Simon - Forward - Penn State
jesus h christ. I've seen this kid play a lot; and he's just not showing. He's not taking on ppl - when he tries he gets thumped by chandler, chandler, chandler? Good gawd. What's up dude? Take the bull by the horns. You look like crap. Did have a few glimmers almost like a tease. Not having a good combine.

Patterson, Randi - Forward - UNC Greensboro

shooting leaving a lot to be desired. Not attacking defenders; frustrating seeing this talent wasting.

Richards, Dane - Forward - Clemson
make jones look like a punk. He owned jones. Why would he not give himself room to receive the ball (run back 10-15 yards). He persisted playing near Jones tight - why? To take the pass behind him. Dumb, go back receive the ball, run by him, cross the ball. 2h - didn't demand the ball to continue the beating... dang did you just learn the game?

Sambursky, Mike - Forward - South Carolina
makes a lot of mistakes - for a defender that worries me. I think this guy could play RB in MLS, gonna take some time. He's not this years bornestein.

Solle, Ryan - Midfielder - Wake Forest
quality. Understands the game very well.

Soumare, Boukary - Defender - UVA
terror in the back. Strong in the air, sometimes looks a little lost on the ball. Good foot skills. I'd take him.

Team Tango

Boukhemis, Karim - Midfield - Marshall
has a future as a gym teacher

Cunliffe, John - Forward - Ft. Lewis
1H played LB! yikes with harrington playing LM; wanted to go fwd (no kidding); good passing - risky having him in the back; he'd be a big project as a back, maybe in a 4 back setup; he didn't have a really fast central defender (harden) behind him either. 2H sweet move beating daniels, shot with power but not well placed (gk saved)

Curfman, Steven - Midfielder - Wake Forest
too slow; his FK was lacking (given that's his specialty). He may make a steady reserve player.

Ebert, Eric - Midfielder - California
works hard; did well because the opponent gave him too much space; at end of game, blew easy goal opp from lack of quality.

Faz, Luis - Midfielder - None
first player traded? Showed up for warmups late - which to me is inexcusable. I'd avoid him like the plague. He's not that good to begin with. Predict that he'll be the last GA selected - sticking the team that requested him. 2H - he would be spectacular except for the opponent's defense steal his passes

Findlay, Robbie - Forward - Oregon State
1H - played AM not as effective, just not creative enough to run the o. Best shot of the 1st half mind you; just class, player on the team

Harden, Ty - Defender - Washington
Got beat with speed by Monterio; IDTS - I don't think so. Don't like his skill/athletism, he's tall and wide, but so am I (well I'm wide).

Harrington, Michael - Defender - UNC

1H - not tactically comfortable playing MF, not sure when to make runs, seemed concerned (justifiably with Cunliffe playing LB). However at times, was unaware or unconcerned during opp. transition to cover for Cunliffe when he had gone to touch. 2H - looked better as LB. Got a assist on a beautiful curling shot that deflected off moojen's head.

Hayden, John - Midfielder - Indiana
missed goal scoring opps with lack of quality; solid in 2H

Ibrahim, Abdus - Midfielder - None
DNP - 2nd game? Haven't seen a young child wandering around the bench either.

Kent, Jarod - Midfielder - ODU
Came back from inj yesterday, in 2H, dangerous with ball at his feet, ability to accelerate past defenders and was fearless taking on defenders, accurate passing - I liked this kid before today, nothing has changed my mind. 24 yo for tiny outside mf, maybe late pick.

Kirby, Zach - Defender - Boston
shaky in the back, big head but just not very good.

Moojen, Frederico - Forward - Clemson
makes me nauseous watching him play; has skill just inconsistent and tries to be too clever; just say no.

Noble, Nick - Goalkeeper - WVU
solid in 2h

Norman, Nate - Midfielder - Notre Dame
not too impressed (only 2h)

Smith, Jarrod - Forward - WVU
2H - big target strong on ball (very hard to knock off); he can play in MLS, don't know about his shot yet.

Team Geist

Alvarez, Gerardo - Forward - Northwestern
2H - didn't show anything

Asante, Rich - Midfielder - Syracuse
better but still lacking; 2H my notes show constinency bad pass/head/touch - just bad, no thank you.

Chandler, Aaron - Forward - San Francisco
played RB - which is a stretch for a prima-donna player (my opinion). However, he was outstanding on 1 tackle on Simon O and showed effort and was adequate. In 1H, on a def CK transition, blew a 2v1 because he couldn't get the ball in a passing position to Wells thompson lumbering up the middle. wound up passing to the defender - ugh.

Colaluca, Nick - Midfielder - UVA
didn't do much, beat Sambrusky on the dribble (which requires strength).

Cunliffe, Alex - Midfield - Fairfield
solid in back in 2H - more aggressive, had a good run through the o and mids

Guy, Ryan - Forward - San Diego
goal was a thing of beauty, taking a pass from Wileman, fakes a shot that freezes defender (labrocca) than shoots with composure and accuracy.

Hughes, Justin - Goalkeeper - UNC

still horrible after all these years. Oh, still horribleā€¦

Jones, Scott - Midfielder - UNC Greensboro
Must be paying Loftus to stay on the field. Otherwise, would be wearing goat horns. Was absolutely the worst player on the field for the 1st half, playing LB was torched continuously. Was exposed for not having the foot speed and defensive positioning to slow anybody including Richards, Patterson (hey spartan (uncg)), Sambrusky...Should have put a toll booth in the way guys were running by him. End the experiment, Jones can't play LB.

Loftus, Chris - Forward - Duke
Goat Horns extraordinare. Wasted piece of humanity. He's terrific if you want a guy to stand around waiting to head the ball a couple of times. The only thing he did was show that Soumare can handle a big strong guy too.

MacDonald, Hugh - Defender - Monmouth
not bad; slow

Meier, Billy - Defender - Wisconsin-Milwaukee
slow, late 2H sub, still slow

Needham, Jay - Defender - SMU
best player, played mostly DM, reads the game very well.

Thompson, Wells - Midfielder - Wake Forest
hustles, just can't get his ass where he needs to get it. Played RM (which is what I've seen him play frequently at WF) so no excuses.

Trott, Josh - Forward - Holy Cross
just not good enough

Wileman, Chase - Midfielder - SMU
assist, runs well, good hookup with Needham. Confident on the ball. Not sure that he can make a big impact in MLS

Team Tricolor

Altcheck, Charles - Forward - Harvard
too static

Ashe, Corey - Forward - UNC
has talent just doesn't get it done; nice crosses

Dalby, Greg - Midfielder - Notre Dame
still good; just not as dominant as yesterday; solid

Daniels, Andrew - Forward - Brown
raw; very raw; seemed confused; bigtime project; may not see 1st team for 2 yrs

DiRaimondo, John - Midfielder - Saint Louis
1st H, too slow mentally to play AM; ok as RB matched up with a dimunitive LM with speed

Elcock, Edson - Forward - ODU
1st H; as LM did not go to the end line enough taking on defenders; in 2nd H scored the goal; not able to stand physical challenge; relies on others service

Evans, Brad - Forward - UC-Irvine

DNP - think he is ailing from yesterday's charley horse

Hall, Tally - Goalkeeper - San Diego State

Hohlhein, Aaron - Defender - Wisconsin
DNP - living off the laurels of his goal yesterday?

Marples, Nigel - Defender - Towson
GOAT - absolutely horrible. May have severly hurt his chances today. Beaten like a small child time-n-time again

Monteiro, Jerson - Forward - UAB

flash here-n-there; not willing to take on players;

Purdy, Steve - Defender - California
DNP? Hasn't played 1st two games.

Tudela, Josh - Midfielder - Indiana
too slow for RB; Harrington blew by him; willing to stick his nose in where possible.

Ubiparipovic, Sinisa - Midfielder - Akron
terrific play today. Spraying the ball onto his teammates path for shooting. He's very field cognizant. Not sure if he can play AM in MLS - maybe. He's got the skills - wonder about his speed. He's not the fastest player out there.

Ustruck, Erik - Forward - Santa Clara
1h looked slow as RB; didn't do too much in 2h

Random Extra Goalkeeper

Konopka, Chris - Goalkeeper - Providence