17 January 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere They Sign.

WHO BETTER TO TELL YOU ABOUT OUR NEW DRAFT PICKS THAN THE PEOPLE THAT SAW THEM PLAYING BEER PONG A DAY BEFORE FINALS? Okay, perhaps that was just our college experience. All right, it wasn't (although I did have a final class on Literary Theory take place in a bar around a pitcher once. That was nice.) So, if you don't know the first thing about some of our draft picks, what should you do? Ask their peers! The Daily Northwestern profiles under-the-radar second round pick Brad North, noting "North's selection by D.C. United ... will undoubtedly boost the school he helped revive. Before North signed on with the Wildcats, the program was pretty much dead." Wow. Kid saved a program. That's a hell of a recommendation.

Southern Methodist University's Daily Campus also gives you a quick look at Jay Needham: "I don't know any of the other guys who were drafted. I don't really know anyone on the team. It will be a complete fresh start for me out there." Jay, if you want to blend in, here's a hint: As part of your rookie hazing ritual, they will try to convince you that Jamie Moreno's first name is pronounced "Hie - ME". Don't be fooled! He's name is "James Wentworth Moreno III, Esq." and he likes to be called "Jay-ME" or "Cookie."

I SAID UH HEY HEY, LUCIANO: Someone on BigSoccer already pointed out the wonderful adatation of The Fall that this signing offers, but I'll steal the joke. Anyways, Luciano Emilio was introduced to the world and given Eskandarian's #11. That may rankle some (and that includes me for a bit) but I gurantee that if he makes good on his hopes, it will all be forgotten. From The Times --"My first goal here is to win a championship, and secondly I want to be the top goal scorer." That's a sound byte my friend. You may do well in this town if you can deliver. Steve Goff is also covering the story, but includes this interesting quote as well: "Kasper said the club is getting close on deals for other South American players but 'at the end of the day, it has to be a good long-term signing. We're not going to rush and make a quick decision.'" There's ways of parsing that which could be interesting.

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