16 January 2007

United Scheduling Problems

So apparently the Steven Goff article that broke the Luciano Emilio signing was updated with a bunch of good off-season info after I linked to it the first time. Most have to do with various calender issues in one form or another.

DC United worked out a deal with the MLS Players Union to allow them to start practice on January 26, eight day earlier than normal. This is important because the Concacaf Champions Cup is coming up quickly and DC United needs to be both fit and cohesive. Under the terms of the agreement DC will have to forgo practice eight days they would have in pre-season. Hopefully the pre-season training schedule will be announced soon as well.

Another scheduling problem that hasn't been worked out yet is the Superliga game against Houston. DC is supposed to host all three of their Superliga games in the group stage, SE Podcast has the original press release. Unfortunatly the Nationals are in town on the date of the United vs. Dynamo game. Good planning MLS. According to Stephen Zack no definate plans have been made yet, but the game will be held somewhere in the general region, but not the Soccerplex or FedEx.

For anyone that needs to plan some weekends ahead, here is the Nationals schedule. You can basically figure out the DC United schedule by noting the weekends the Nats are on a road trip. Remember that there will be ESPN2 games on Thursday and a Univision/Telefutra game on Sunday.

And in news completely unrelated to scheduling Dave Kasper says that he is confident of re-signing Brian Carroll sometime this next week.

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