25 May 2007

Coffee and Soccer

QUICK UPDATES WHILE I WORK ON OTHER THINGS: QuarterVolley has moved! And Steinberg gets a few comments from Esky.

TRUTH=RATINGS: One faithful reader emailed me about the loss of the freezer this week. The truth is, I missed the TNS game a week ago, and with two ESPN related items on the Freezer didn't feel it was fair to make adjustments. Plus I think I want to move the Freezer to Tuesdays anyways. So that's why it is on a Memorial Day break.

Last night's TNS matchup was a good one for ESPN. I know the game was a blowout, I know Giants Stadium was empty (a fact painfully emphasized when ESPN focused in the supporter's, then did a slow pan back to show the seats around them.) Doesn't matter. The Fire played a good enough game that the scoreline is a bit misleading, though New York certainly deserved the win. It wasn't, however, the kind of domination that 3-0 would suggest. Wynalda and Stone were pretty decent in the booth, especially Wynalda who constrained himself to targeted observations which he didn't repeat incessantly or obscure with telestrator doodlings. Calling out New York should not be misinterpreted as attacking the few RBNY supporters that were there, but instead a shot at the marketing department of the team. It's the kind of thing that lends credence to the "Wynalda Unchained!" line of thought. So a good night of soccer and coverage. I like it.

There may or may not be an expert interview later today, but there should be a match preview before the game starts.

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