21 May 2007

We're in the Copa Sudamericana

Luis Bueno as Sideline Views writes that we'll be playing in the Copa Sudamericana. Theres an AP Wire Story published today confirming the deal, DC United to play in South American club tournament. Seems the invitation is a result of finishing 3rd in the Champions Cup, and the tournament draw is tomorrow (Tuesday) in Buenos Aires. Anyone know when this thing is scheduled, a cursory search on the CSF site yields just this list of teams.

Does United have the roster to make it through a grueling MLS season + playoffs, the Open Cup (we are in it, right?), the Super Liga, and now this tournament - or is it 2005 all over again? I think Soehn, or anyone, would have a hard time excelling in all these tournaments with our current roster. Do we punt on the Open Cup, and send mostly the reserves into that ala Ray Hudson? The pressure is on to add depth to the defense if we want to seriously compete in any of these after the All-Star break.

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At 22 May, 2007 00:39, Anonymous Nick said...

I think we should prioritize in this order:
1) Sudamericana
2) MLS Playoffs
3) Superliga
4) Regular Season

I know a lot of people will say that the domestic league comes first. But the reality is, the MLS regular season (unless you are in position to win it near the end to ensure concacaf) doesn't even come close to the importance of Sudamericana. We have something to prove from '05 and we have the potential to earn major attention from South America. We could even end up with a home game against Boca, River, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, or another great team that we would have no chance of playing otherwise. I hope Soehn rests the boys accordingly to give precedence to this outstanding tournament. Anyone who says its not a good tournament, did not see last year's edition (won by Pachuca), which was fantastic and garnered major pub particularly in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico...

At 22 May, 2007 00:55, Anonymous Goose said...

I think there's no question the USOC is a reserve team affair. I think that was the plan going in before Sudamericana even made it an issue.

At 22 May, 2007 07:50, Blogger Kinney said...

This is great news. Hopefully we can put in a good showing and push for some more silverware. I think Nick's prioritizing is dead on, however we need to do well enough to make the playoffs so these next few games before fixture congestion sets in become much more important. Also remember that the Superliga is only a two week competition, so we can go all out during that period. This season just got a whole lot more exciting.

At 22 May, 2007 08:01, Blogger Kinney said...

Oscar: The draw is today. We should know who United is playing and when their first game is at noon.

At 22 May, 2007 08:52, Blogger tucksider said...

these would be my priorities:

1) Superliga
2) Sudamericana
3) MLS season
4) MLS Cup
5) US Open Cup

Superliga is big because it's a chance for MLS teams to compete on fair terms with teams in our region. It's one of MLS' big projects this year, and i want it to be a success, because there's a good chance this will become an annual competition for United. being crammed into two weeks makes it an even better target.

Sudamericana's merits are obvious.

the regular season gives a team the strongest claim on being the best in MLS, in my opinion. i'm more proud about the Supporters Shield last year than i would have been about an MLS Cup victory. DC should not be a team that sneaks into one of those cheap playoff spots i always make fun of.

MLS Cup is officially the league championship, of course.

and i love the US Open Cup dearly, but United just does not have the depth for that. the starters should not see the field until at least late rounds... unless Soehn uses Open Cup matches to give Olsen and Simms some experience at wing back. :)

At 22 May, 2007 09:59, Anonymous bdr said...

It was having the best regular season last year that got United into Champion's League that got United into Sudamericana.

United finishes fifth in points and washes out of MLS playoffs before championship game this year, no Champion's League or Sudamericana next year.

Got to take care of basic business before offered chances for extra business.


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