03 June 2007

First Impressions - LA Galaxy 0 : 0 DC United

Can two teams gift-wrap a draw for each other? It felt that way in this match. United opened the first fifteen minutes in disarray, as Bryan Namoff did not settle into the left back position well. It is interesting that the weakness in the defense to start the game was not Simms, but Namoff who had here-to-fore been a stalwart defender. Fortunately, Soehn adjusted moving Gros back into the backline to match up against Jones and pushing Simms into the holding midfielder role. Also fortunate for DC was the fact that Nate Jaqua couldn't finish a croissant if you took two bites out of it for him, or United would have been down 2-nil early.

After the remaining half hour of pedestrian football, United applied some solid pressure around the 60th minute. Fred's workrate was excellent, and Emilio, despite not finding the net, had some good moments. Still, United couldn't find the net, and LA came within a Boswell sliding blocked shot of taking the three points at home. To the credit of both teams, they tried for the win, but again I think both were pleased to settle for the draw.

Still, as a fan, using fan emotions and all it entails, I'm disappointed that we aren't coming home with the spoils. Yet I'll take the first clean sheet of the season. But if you're not troubled by the opening of this game, just think about New York coming to town. Angel and Altidore won't allow us to get by the same way, and that has to make you nervous. It certainly does me.

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At 03 June, 2007 08:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats not just fan emotion, its plain facts the we should have beat this Galaxy side, short 5 starters, and struggling already as it is. I got my hopes up too soon and saw this game simply as a test for New York, a nil nil scoreline with 2 clear opportunities for LA to score is worrying.

On the bright side perhaps Tommy So-So and company saw this as an extended practice given the state of the Galaxy.

At 03 June, 2007 19:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tommy So-So"... you're crazy. The fact that Soehn recognized why we were having so much trouble early in the match and reacted so quickly to fix it was what saved our bacon in this game.

Render unto me a fuckin' break.

At 03 June, 2007 19:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was typing Tommy So-So as my mind just tends to give people nicknames out of nowhere, was about to click the button, realized the connotation, and said screw it. I'm still not sold on our boy.

At 04 June, 2007 06:23, Blogger Kinney said...

That was a momentum killer going into a big game. Hopefully the players are better at shaking stuff off than I am. United played poorly, I really don't know what is going on with this team this year. They should really be better than that.

At 04 June, 2007 08:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the good news is Metro still has another road game on Thursday before they come to DC.

At 04 June, 2007 09:49, Blogger Bob said...

When Jaqua was at Chicago, I always thought that he was the (potentially) scariest player United faced regularly and the kind of athlete that would be the future of US soccer. I hope the latter will come to pass, but Saturday night? Wow. Listening to this game on the radio was brutal!


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