26 September 2007

DCU v CD Guadalajara

I just noticed this information updated to the DC United homepage:

DC United v CD Guadalajara
Copa Nissan Sudamericana
8:30 p.m. ET

TV: FSE (LIVE), FSC (TD - 11 p.m. ET)
Radio: 1160 AM (Eng), SRN

So to the commenter who was wondering if Tony Limarzi would be bringing us the action on the radio, it appears that he will be. I'll be listening at wmet1160.com

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At 26 September, 2007 14:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Tony Limarzi's only gonna be broadcasting online, not on WMET (which means not wmet1160.com either). The audio link on the DC homepage which normally requires the MLSNet package will be free for this game since it's not a League Match.

At 26 September, 2007 14:23, Blogger Bob said...

Hmmm... Not sure why you think that or how you know that, but as long as I can hear the game (I'll try both ways) I don't care too much.

Thanks for the info, regardless.

At 26 September, 2007 14:24, Blogger The Bird said...

Thanks for the info! Wish I could make it to RFK, though...

At 26 September, 2007 20:37, Blogger Bob said...

OK - I've got no luck in either place. HELP!

At 26 September, 2007 21:26, Blogger Bob said...

I ended up paying the $5 for the audio. Ugh.

At least I've got Limarzi and I tuned in about 1 second before the (first of many, hopefully) goal was scored.


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