20 September 2007

Coffee with Sweet Creamery Butter

GARTH LAGERWEY TO REAL SALT LAKE: As if sending them previous DCU players wasn't enough, now they want former color commentators. Anyways, congrats to Garth on his new job as General Manager in Salt Lake. Now, there is an interesting subtext here for those that want to think about it. At the SE Pub Quiz back in April, someone might have heard Garth speculating that his playing days in MLS ended a bit prematurely perhaps because of his involvement trying to unionize players. A bit of management payback, if you will. (By the way, if that's the case, and I don't know if it is or not, but any front office official that got rid of a decent keeper to make a collective bargaining point should be fired. Just saying.)

The interesting thing is now Garth is across the table for the Union he worked so hard to create. Wonder how that will play out.

And no, I never liked the Sweet Creamery Butter call, and if you notice he hasn't used it much in recent games. That being said, I thought he was a capable color commentator, and if he's as capable in the General Manager role, I think RSL will improve.

IS IT TIME TO PLAY "ROOT FOR WHO CAN HELP US?": Of course it is. Here's my guide to the upcoming games:
  • CHI-DAL Root for a Chicago win. Two reasons for this. First, Dallas is a potential Supporter's Shield competitor, and Chicago isn't. Second, I don't want Chicago all riled up with must-win thoughts when we face them. Let them have the three points in this game, and hopefully (okay, not realistically, but still) they'll be a bit more complacent facing DC.
  • CLB-TOR Root for whomever you want, no real implications to this match.
  • NE-RBNY Root for a draw and tons of cards. From a supporter's shield perspective, a New England loss is better, but that would somehow mean rooting for the Bulls. Not gonna happen.
  • COL-RSL: I hate to say this, but you should root for the Rapids. I'd rather have four seeds from the East than five, so I want Colorado to overtake Chicago for that eighth playoff spot. Since we're also rooting for Chicago, we need Colorado to keep pace here. That being said, a draw will do nicely as well. And wish Garth well on his first game.
  • KC-CHV: Supporter's Shield implications mean rooting for Kansas City. Chivas is still only two points behind once games in hand are factored in, and we need them to drop points.
  • DAL-LA: Root for LA. Let's get Dallas out of the Supporter's Shield picture.

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At 20 September, 2007 15:18, Anonymous matt w said...

Rooting for teams like the Far and the Gals to win is like making out with my ugly braces-wearing sister after she's eaten a couple cloves of garlic. It's unnatural, it's repellent, it hurts, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

At 20 September, 2007 17:36, Blogger Kinco said...

Indeed, recently while I have been rooting for LA to steal points I find myself clapping politely when LA scores, but laughing like a mad man and loving the schadenfreude of the moment when they inevitably collapse. My mind knows I should be rooting for the Gals but my heart just won't let me.

At 20 September, 2007 22:04, Blogger Idle said...

Rooting for the Rapids will be easier now that the Diver King of Cheapshots is out for the season.

"The Rapids received some devastating news, however, when Herculez Gomez was lost after a significant knee injury during the week in training, suffering tears to the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his right knee. He will out for the remainder of the season, his return not expected for 6-9 months."

At 20 September, 2007 23:06, Blogger Bob said...

The CHI-FCD 1-1 draw will demoralize Chicago. The equalizer in STOPPAGE TIME was brutal, although watching 90mins of that game was pretty brutal. Knowing that Barrett/Carr are your only hopes is kind of horrible too. "Blanco Cam" operator? AYFKM? Easiest job in MLS. My wife said, "The cameraman is moving more than Blanco is."

I think we can bulldoze Chicago and so we don't really need to worry about SupShield implications. Chad Barrett got props from Eric Wynalda, but I really think he's horrible.

I tend to hate on a lot of strikers in MLS, but I do it because I am spoiled. Vamos.


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