13 April 2005

The Official Nats Color is Green

Over at District of Baseball, Jeff has taken a second shot in a week at DC United supporters. I don't quite understand this, since the Nats are getting their own stadium and tons of media support, so why take a pot shot? Maybe Nats fans feel like younger brothers, trying to define themselves against the older, and very accomplished sibling. If so, we can take it.


At 14 April, 2005 17:10, Blogger arrScott said...

Just a shout out - I was a United fan long before the Nats came along. Truth is, I'm a baseball fan first, so the Nats will be my favorite local team, by a hair, the United second, but here's one Nats fan who will never put down on United. (Nor on Freedom if we get a women's team back, nor on soccer in general, except to point out how ridiculously anti-American Latin American and European refs are. I'm still bitter about that German handball in the last World Cup.)

Not only have United brought DC its only recent championships, United regularly outdraws DC's basketball and hockey teams. And let's not forget that United kept RFK open for baseball to come back to.


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