11 April 2005

United 1, Fire 1

A draw after an ugly 10 minutes, then sold half hour, followed by wildly erratic 45. Your media coverage is at the Post, the Times, and not the Examiner. Now, given the non-call offsides, and the penalty against Pumas, I think we can say the DCU has paid its karma balance for Esky's handball in the finals last year. I'm gonna give Petke a pass on the offsides comments, since he found the net.

Elsewhere of note...
Chivas looked better than last week deadlocking San Jose, and the Revs decided to remind Columbus exactly how they lost in the first round last year with a solid 3-0 result. MLS, LA, Tino Palace, and the USMNT are going to pretend that Germany never happened, and two goals can help that. And Eddie Johnson didn't find the net, for once.