14 June 2005

The Adventure of Links

The blogroll is now up and running. Yes, there are soccer links, primarily to the soccer blogs I like to read. Most, but not all, contain some MLS coverage, and most, if not all, think DCU is in trouble this year.

There are, of course, links to DCU and MLS and the like.

And there are links to Nats blogs. I know that some DCU people are upset that the upstarts are in "our house." This is stupid. DCU has good attendence figures, but there's always room at RFK. Baseball fans include a high number of families. Families whose kids will look over the right field fence and see four championship banners. Some 10 year old might see the snazzy red and black Nats/DCU board over the plate. And they might come to the game. DCU gets exposure via the Nats, and this is a good thing.

Yes, there are pitch concerns, though I don't think we've had a repeat of the trapezoid incident. And I certainly think that the grass should always be cut in order to aid the offsides call. But we seem to be coexisting right now. The only thing we could ask is that someone in the media notice that Barra Brava and the Eagles Nest have been getting the stands rocking for years.


At 14 June, 2005 09:29, Blogger Joe said...

Glad to see a quality DC United blog up and running. Also glad to see that you feel no shame in enjoying baseball as well as soccer. The purist snobs -- many of whom are our best drinking buddies, no doubt -- are sure to turn away potential U.S. fans of the beautiful game. Nothing wrong with loving sports in general, even if soccer happens to be our favorite.

Any chance of changing your settings, so that anyone can leave comments, instead of just those with Blogger accounts?

At 14 June, 2005 09:45, Blogger D said...

Joe --

I'll check on the settings thing. And nice to have you aboard. Glad there are more fans of the pitch on the diamond, and the diamond on the pitch out there.

At 27 November, 2005 06:22, Anonymous Danial Rone said...

It''s quite impressive.


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