13 June 2005

Only One Stat that Matters: Metros 0 - DCU 0

It was a scoreless draw. Got that? Probably a boring affair. Both keepers untested, action primarily in the mids, the occasional chance off a cross bar, maybe 3-4 shots on net. Good. Nothing to see here. Not at all.

It reminded me of the Caps games of the late 80's, early 90's. Usually against Ron Hextall, they'd put up close to 40 shots on net. Then lose 2-1. Fortunately, DCU got one point on the road here.

Eskandarian may not have finished, but he was making more confident runs in general. His substitution over the half is, I think, the right time to use him. Waiting until 60' before making the change really doesn't allow him to learn how the other team is defensing him.

At least there's a Wednesday game for DCU to wash the taste of this one out of their mouths.