13 June 2005

Both Defending Champs (But that's about it)

The Washington Post has a story about DCU planning to host Chelsea in late July. Yes, I would attend this game. Yes, I expect that Chelsea would play its reserves. Yes, I still think DCU gets whacked. Yes, I expect at least one sarcastic sign with a pun on "Cole".

I know MLS has made strides, but these are strides to the point where one could say that MLS teams are, when good, at Champions league levels. Not Premiership. Even MLS teams at their best would be fighting relegation in the FA. That's an improvement. At the start, MLS teams probably would get lost on their way to the stadium.

The only thing that might save DCU is familarity with the pitch. But considering how talented the Chelsea team is, how strong defensively they are (and that was what made them the class of the FA table), and the fact that their attack was as good as anyone's this year... well, it's very tough to see a way through. Nowak's coaching style matches up well with Chelsea though, since Chelsea is built to take advantage of the FA's vertical style, while DCU plays a more measured pace. That's still not enough.

I guess I'm not sure, other than the fact that the FA Champions come to an MLS stage, what the advantage is for DCU or MLS. It seems like the chance for a demoralizing loss right as you enter the final half of the season is a large possibility.

But I will be there. And I will be in black.

[Edited for thing, like, y'know, proper use of the English language.]