06 June 2005

Congrats to the Nats

For sweeping the Marlins, and taking first place in the NL East. I'm not one of the United people that gets all worried about the Nats and DCU sharing space, although it is a little disheatening that at this point in the season, the Nats have a better shot at finishing at the top of their table than it seems DCU has. Still, good on 'em. This team has made baseball fun to watch on a daily basis, and I am a complete fan.

For more, check out the writing over at Nasty Nats, Capitol Punishment, Nationals Inquirer, District of Baseball, Distinguished Senators, Ball Wonk, and The Beltway Boys (I read them all, and more that I am momentarily forgetting. I should put together a DC blog roll). And catch a chat at Yuda's from time to time, they're amusing. Bang! Zoom!