06 June 2005

Like a WWII training film...

Can you spot the Zero? It has a classic profile, wings let low in relation to the fuselage, and is now known as offensively useless.

There were two of them in DCU's draw against the Earthquakes. Now, if soccer were treated like boxing, as a series of 5 minute rounds, then DC would have won on points (I have it 13-8, with DC clearly outplaying San Jose in 10 5-minute periods). But, well, finishing is still a problem with this team.

On a better note, the defensive play in the middle third was better, with a lot more pressure. I like that. Dema had a fairly good game, the back line looked fairly dependable. What's more, chances were created. But the forwards are not finishing.

In terms of snarky writing, Mike Woitalla's comment about subbing Alecko in the 79th takes the cake: it "resulted only in stretching Eskandarian's scoreless streak to nine games." Not fair to Alecko, but certainly fair to the forwards as a whole.

Remember, the game is Sunday this week. At the Metros. We should get at least 1 point here, and 3 is not out of the question.