30 August 2005

Itemized Deductions

For a good recap of United's problems, US Soccer Players joins the anti-bandwagon that's forming. Fair enough.

The Newark Star Ledger complains that Freddy Adu wasn't in the Hall of Fame game, despite being on the poster. I suppose it's cheating to say that Ramos wasn't in the game either, and he was advertised. I guess I'm just tired of the "If Freddy doesn't play, the fans got cheated."

MLS preview of RSL v. DCU is up: Former DCUer Eddie Pope is listed as probable. Current DCUer Kenny Arena is injured. Dema serves his red card suspension.

Going to need to add some new blogs to the Blogroll soon...


At 31 August, 2005 12:59, Anonymous Joe said...

I was relieved when I saw that Freddy wasn't playing in that stupid, meaningless Hall of Fame Game, a game that only becomes more stupid and meaningless as DC's schedule becomes more crowded. This is an exhausted team that needs to be ready for Copa S.A. and the stretch run.

Leave it to a paper in Jersey to bitch about Freddy not appearing.

At 31 August, 2005 13:03, Blogger D said...

I completley agree with you. The Fixture congestion becomes a little more tolerable in September, but Copa SA is really going to be fun (6,000 miles to a match... dig it.) I'm really tired of the "Freddy needs to play so our advertisements make sense" argument. Let the kid rest, and then dismantle RSL :)

At 11 December, 2005 12:21, Anonymous Coleman Grooms said...

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