09 August 2005

Plus ca change...

So I thought about a site redesign, but instead just changed a few things before updating the blogroll. I went with a lighter shade of white for the text, gave the commentary a bit more width, and added the nifty four star break between days. At one point, when I was starting this blog, I thought of naming it "four stars." The thing is, DCU is just gonna win another championship, and probably pretty soon, so I changed it to The DCenters.

Speaking of which, if any BB, SE, or LN people are interested in joining this blog and having posting rights, feel free to drop a line in the comments section. Go ahead and plug your events, link your sites, and do whatever. I am currently unaffiliated (though thinking about joining up at some point). It also would make sense since this blog technically has a plural title.

I also want to point out that soccer blogging really seems to be exploding this year. Most of the links to soccer blogs over on the right started in 2005, and those that didn't seem to have been initiated in 2004. Interesting.