28 November 2005

The 90 Minute Q

90:00 is teasing their cover-story interview with Santino Quaranta. Now, while the substance of what they have up is interesting, let's get to the real issue: Is Tino now officially a hottie? As I may have mentioned, my spouse has professed her love and desire for a certain DK, but Tino's glamor shots are, well, inspired. They wouldn't look out of place in the liner notes of whatever indie music artist Pitchfork is swooning over. They say "Hey, I'm a loner, but I can work with a team. Wrap your mind around that contradiction." He's sensitive, but he's tough. If the article would to include a passage like the following, it would not surprise me...

Quaranta has turned to poetry to help him get through the difficulties of his multiple injuries. "I read some Bukowski, Stephen Dobbyns, Whitman, and the Beats" he says, flipping open a red and black sketchbook that contains some of his own attempts. "I call this one 'Touchline'. I think it expresses what I feel." A whirlwind of accusation, hurt, agression, and introspection is unleashed in the impromptu reading he gives. There's a steely resolve when he reaches the final stanza: "Dema could only get one of yours. I'm getting two."

Seriously Tino, the DCenters will be proud to publish whatever excerpts you'd like us to have.


At 29 November, 2005 09:34, Anonymous Joe said...

I can't believe they're doing a cover story on Tino, the most overrated player on both DC United and the national team.

But better that than another Freddy cover story, I guess.

At 29 November, 2005 09:36, Blogger D said...

You know, I nearly voiced something about this when I did the write-up. I knew this would get your goat. Seriously. For Christmas I'm buying you a stuffed goat animal, named Tino, and I'll send it to you.


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