23 November 2005

On Politics, and What I'm Writing Here

As I've been following the stadium situation, I see that we're coming into the realm where sports and politics collide. I've realized that this is a situation where I could begin to annoy readers of this blog, and I don't particularly want to do that. At least, not over politics. I do have some strongly held political views, but I imagine that you don't come here to listen to me blather about all of that, so I will try to keep it out of this blog. The stadium situation is okay with me, as it avoids many of the hot-button issues (since DCU isn't asking for the DC Government to pick up the tab for construction). It doesn't have a certain national disgrace trying to hold local governments hostage.
Since the stadium thing is intersting to me, as you can see I've started actually trying to dig into stuff and do some research. Which means I should probably explain how I view things working in terms of the journalistic side of this blog, which I am hoping to slowly develop. For those that care about boring administrative details, the Editorial, Commenting, Sourcing, Corrections and Citations policies have been developed just so you know what you are getting. Yes, that's awfully pretentious. Still, I feel better for being at least semi-transparent in how all of this works.
Got a grievance? Email it or leave it in the comments. Got a problem with the direction in which I'm writing? Ditto.


At 23 November, 2005 14:31, Anonymous Joe said...

Interesting that you bring up Selig, whose approach is to essentially blackmail local governments into coughing up public money for new stadiums.

But I worry that MLS -- in a much worse bargaining position than baseball -- could be trying the same thing. Look at San Jose. The league will leave without local owners and/or a stadium plan. It's different than MLB, but not by much.

At 25 November, 2005 12:05, Blogger brucio said...

i think you are doing a great job
the mix of soccer and politics is going to get bigger and bigger as our lovely sport grows
do it hate the fact that they are tied together? yes
but its part of the american culture and at least we are becoming a factor
you have a great blog
one of two soccer blogs i read everyday - we call it soccer being the other


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