16 December 2005

DC isn't where the action is right now.

DCU alum Steve Rammel has joined the cast of the LA Galaxy as an assistant to Steve Sampson. Rammel had 15 goals while with DC United before he was traded to the Colorado Rapids. He was acquired from the Washington Mustangs, a phrase you won't see that often in MLS.

DCU fans are delirious with joy over the wedding of Nick Rimando to Jacqui Little, as performed by Mister Ben Olsen. Over at A Little Less Conversation, Soccaplaya says Nick is having the best week of any DCU player (Also see his discussion of the DCU back line). And a DCU_fan at Live Journal also joins in the well wishing. He speculation then moves from the thought of Nick's honeymoon to Dema's resigning with the team. What is it with that guy? He's getting Elvis magnetism... But aside from that, glad Nick is getting married. Maybe now he'll settle down and stay at home on some of those crosses, rather than wandering out like an cat on the prowl.

Do I have an opinion on the move of the Quakes? Yes, I'm obviously sad to see it happen. I think, as a whole, the San Jose fans are certainly more dedicated than some fans in MLS. I hope MLS wasn't paying lip service to the idea of returning to San Jose, and forces Houston to start with a blank history, while preserving the Quakes history (and two stars) for whomever comes next. Bruce's Belly wonders aloud if AEG might have not really had their heart in making things work in San Jose. Maradawga, on the other hand, says "Don't blame AEG". I say that we need to blame someone, so I'm going to blame that hussy Houston for being a complete homewrecker. Yeah, you heard me Houston, I don't want to see you hanigng around with any more of our teams. And it's the middle of winter, some of us are dressed appropriately and not in that hoochie-outfit like you were, trying to lure innocent MLS teams to your layer.