22 February 2006

Happy DC United Day Final Installment: Butterstick Trial

So I hope everyone is as cheered up as I was by Happy DC United Day. Our master of ceremonies would like to end the day by discussing his trial with DCU during this offseason. Now, FIFA regulations say that Tai "Butterstick" Shan is too young to sign with DC United, plus he's technically a citizen of China, so an overseas permanent transfer can't happen for several years. That being said, the Stick did give me this picture of his preseason training with DC United. In a closed friendly with the Revs, here we see the stick knock Revolution defender Jay Heaps off the ball with a clean tackle. Note that Heaps subsequently handles the ball in a most flagrant fashion, for which he received a caution:

That's all for Happy DC United Day. I certainly feel refreshed, I promise not to do this to you all again. That is, I won't do it again for at least a year.


At 23 February, 2006 11:24, Blogger Doug said...

If Butterstick was used in the scrimmage against the Revolution, why didn't he go for a "clean tackle" against Reis? Isn't Butterstick slated to be DCU's enforcer?

At 23 February, 2006 12:01, Blogger D said...

Hah! Brilliant!

Sadly, the Stick told me that Reis had been pulled already. What might have been, eh?


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